S.NO Name Dimension
Room- 1 to 12 Nursery to 10th class 6 rooms(opposite to office) 9.1mx8.2m
6 Rooms 9.1mx6.3m
Room 13 One digital library

+Computer Lab

Room 14 Laboratory 6.6m x 6.6m
Room 15 Principal Office 5.6m x5m
Room 16 One Clerk Office 8.4mx5m
Room 17 One staff room 6.6m x4.4m
Room 18 One activity room 9.1m x 8.2m
Three extra rooms are available for other activities 1.    9.5m x 6.5m

2.    9.5mx6.2m

3.     9.5m6.9m

8 toilets 4 with Indian fitting 2.5m x1m
4 with English fitting 1.3 m x1.3 m


The School Library

The School library is a vast reservoir of books which aims at the growth of the students and develops self esteem. To develops reading habits in students and staff members, the school library offers the following:

  • A wide range of latest fiction, poetry, prose, philosophical books, magazines, comics, newspapers and text-books.
  • Separate seating arrangement for primary and senior students.


General Science Lab(Composite Lab)

Well equipped and spacious lab

Students have an easy access to the different instruments and model under the supervision and expert guidance of teachers

Mathematics Laboratory

Students learn and explore mathematical concepts through a variety of activities using, different materials. These activities help the students to explore, to learn and to develop interest in mathematics. It also enables the teacher to demonstrate, explain and reinforce mathematical ideas by using objects, models, charts, graphs etc. Our Mathematics Laboratory is equipped with

  • Abacus, A model of Sextant, Time Set, Graph Rolls, Geometry Box
  • Three-dimensional Geometric Figures

Mathematics Laboratory can be used as an effective tool to create fascination and love for Mathematics among the students.


Computer Lab

Well designed computer lab with proper seating arrangements.

  • The Internet facility enables the students to draw the latest information from Computer networks all over the world.
  • Training programmes are organized for teachers to make them computer friendly.

Other Facilities 

  • Centrally air-conditioned and air-purified campus
  • IT driven elegant classrooms and labs with low teacher-student ratio
  • Sports facilities
  • Extensive CCTV surveillance
  • School Transport Facility available


At Sai Blite International School , our spacious, well-designed classrooms provide an ideal learning environment for children to learn and excel. Each classroom is equipped with smart boards to make daily lessons interactive and engaging for our students. With emphasis on creating a positive learning environment for students; our classrooms are designed with bright color schemes and large windows, bringing in plenty of natural light.

Spacious and colorful hallways connect classrooms and activity spaces. Indoor and outdoor play areas offer plenty of free space for students. These areas are equipped with recreational facilities for children to enjoy their recess, break times and sports activities.


Our grade/age appropriate quality learning resources are available for children to explore ideas, enhance knowledge, collaborate, solve problems and develop interactive skills that will help them become the pioneers of tomorrow. A varied selection of instructional materials, e-learning aids and practical resources are available to support subject matter.