From the Desk of the President 

Empowering young minds to expand their thinking horizons, spread their wings far & wide and develop courage to tread the unconventional paths is the motto of Blite School.

Targeting the panoramic development of each child, we have framed a well- structured, child- centered comprehensive curriculum sothe development  of 21st century skills like critical thinking, analytical, logical thinking, problem solving , creativity  and most importantly , the life skills. We are keenly involved  in developing very strong character muscles of our children  in order to ensure that they live life with a strong value system in place.  For we believe that, even in a crowd, every   should have distinct personality encompassing a contemporary vision, with their roots embedded in the rich value system, culture and heritage of our beloved country.

Vijay Sharma

From the Desk of the Managing Director

Mr. Dipin Bakshi  (MIB from university of south Australia)

With this mission. We aim to nurture children to become happy souls, for only happy children make for a happy family, a happy society, a happy country that will eventually lead to the development of a happy and peaceful world. We also aim to impart vedic wisdom of “Abhivaadan Shilayasa” rooted deep in our values and culture.

Today Sai Blite is the synonymous with the quality and excellence.

Dipin Bakshi

From the Desk of the Managing Director BLCPSSS Solan

I am a strong propagator of human values. So, I strongly believe in the SBLITES playing the role of global citizens. The students and teachers of this institution are my family members. I pray the almighty God to shower his choicest blessings upon each and every one. My dream is that the SBLITE do well in life and make us feel proud. My best wishes are always with the members of SBLITE. I thank all the parents also for their cooperation and support. Remember, faith in god gives us courage to tackle the seemingly impossible as well as the determination to see it through.

As the motto of the school is ‘Shine as the Sun, Spread as the Sunrays’. I wish the students of SBLITE will carry the name of their almamater far and wide. If you fail, never give up because FAIL means ‘First Attempt In Learning’.

Veena Bakshi

From the Desk of the Academic Director

Sai Blite International school is a new coming up good institution  at Dharampur in kasoli hills. It is the institution which aims to create a supportive and inclusive environment where gifted and talented students are encouraged to explore their potentials and achieve their personal beat in all aspects through authentic learning  opportunities that inspire the students to develop creativity , confidence and reselience  to become independent and ethical life long learners.

We,at Sai Blite value relationship and  good connections with the community by remaining in touch with parents

Even at this  time ,during carona times our hard working teachers are trying to give their best and helping them students to develop their creativity and keeping their morals high. You all will be happy to know that very soon it will be affiliated to CBSE

I wish good luck to the management and pray for everybody’s safety

Pomila Sharma

From the Desk of the Principal’s Message

As we are passionate about only one thing. How to nurture brilliant young boys and girls into exciting, confident, compassionate global citizens with a deep grounding of Indian values and Sanskars.

We do everything possible to give the best to our students. Because we know that for you your child is the centre of the Universe.

For our children to grow strong and confident they need particular kinds of struggle and a particular kind of support. Our job as parents and educators is to support our children in special ways so that our children become stronger and healthier. If we interfere and make it too easy, we weaken children, but if we make it too tough then we deprive them of what they need to grow.

So this is my prayer: May our children grow up confident , cooperative and compassionate in this competitive and aggressive world.

Vandana Sharma