About Us

About Us

Sai Blite international School is an amalgamation of competent teachers and modern infrastructure .

We pride ourselves in providing globally benchmarked education. With our wealth of knowledge and expertise, you can be assured , your child will receive the best education. The school strives to nurture 21st century learners who will become active sensitive and responsible citizen. We impart quality education by equipping our students with skill, confidence, practical knowledge and positive approach for overall development.

Our mission

SaiBlite aims to nurture children who are compassionate, respectful, caring and loving. The objective of education at School  is to develop scientific temper in the young minds and equip them with global perspective, harness their entrepreneurship and life skills to enable them to grow  up into responsible global citizens.

With this mission. We aim to nurture children to become happy souls, for only happy children make for a happy family, a happy society, a happy country that will eventually lead to the development of a happy and peaceful world. We also aim to impart vedic wisdom of “Abhivaadan Shilayasa” rooted deep in our values and culture.


Shine as the sun or spread as the sunrays.



SR.No. Name of the Member of the Society Designation Address Profession
1. Sh. VIJAY SHARMA President Vill and PO Shamti. BUSINESS
2. Sh. MAHESH KUMAR Vice president Sai Sadan VPO Salogra The and Distt Solan BUSINESS
3. Sh. DIPIN BAKSHI Treasurer Sai Sadan Near Old Bus Stand Solan. ADMINISTRATOR
4. Sh. VIRENDER THAKUR Member Thakur Niwas Hospital Road Solan. ADVOCATE
5. Sh. RAJESH KOHLI Member Ishan Medicos Saproon Solan. BUSINESS
6. Smt. MONIKA SHARMA Member VPO Shamti The and Distt Solan. TEACHER
7. Sh. ARJUN CHANDEL Member VillDamrog PO ShamtiTeh and Distt Solan. BUSINESS
8. Sh. VIJAY PANWAR Member Krishna Bhawan, The Mall Road Solan. SERVICE

Our Management

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